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What is the age group of the people at the parties?

The average age is 30 to 50 years old.  We request that you are at least 25 years old to
 attend the parties.

Do single women attend the parties?

Some single women are at the parties but there is normally a lot more single men then 
women.  This is not a bad thing though, there are many couples that are looking to party 
with single men.

What should I wear to the Rooster Parties?
First off you should wear what you are comfortable in. Some come casual, some formal
and some in business casual. You have to do what is right for you.
Men should remember that women want to see men dressed to impress.
There are not hats, gang colors, dirty or torn clothes permitted at the Rooster Parties.
Women may be naked anywhere at the Rooster. Men must wear at least a towel in all areas
except the pool area and group room with the exception of special naked night parties. Do I (we) have to remove our clothes and party with people? No. You do what you are comfortable with. There is a dance floor, pool table, spa & pool,
large screen T.Vís that you can enjoy as you desire. No always means NO at the Rooster.
You are there to enjoy yourself. Some special events have a dress code, on those nights the dress code must be followed.
Review the events page for special event nights.
What is the Rooster like on different nights? The parties are held seven nights a week. Monday through Wednesday you will find Ten to Twenty people depending on what is going on in town. Thursday nights about 50 people. On most Fridays, 200+ people and Saturday nights there are 300+ people. On Sunday nights there is a dress code of Swim Suits or less
and normally you will find 80 to 100 people there. Each night is different.
Since the Red Rooster is in Las Vegas you will find many regularís along with many tourists
that are either here for the first time or come to the Rooster each time they are in town.
Times and dress codes do change so be sure to check the events page for things going on. What if I see someone at the party that I know? This does happen on occasion. If you do see someone that you work with or know outside of the lifestyle, donít worry about it. They are there for the same reasons that you are. Now you know that you have more in common with them then before. What should I do if someone does not take NO for an answer? If you have asked someone to leave you alone and they persist, contact any of the volunteers that have name badges on at the Rooster and they will remove that person from the premises. No means NO! If someone tells you NO, drop it there. Donít ask why or ďare you sureĒ. No Means NO! I am a single guy coming to the Rooster, am I going to get lucky? If you want a sure thing, call an escort or go to a whorehouse.
The ladies at the Rooster are there to enjoy themselves as you are but they are ladies,
Wives, girlfriends but above all, they are LADIES, treat them as such. How should I act at the Rooster? Honesty works! Donít talk about your hot beautiful wife or girlfriend that is at home of out of town. If that was the truth you would not be here alone. Small talk is fine, but best to keep it the truth. People that have been around the lifestyle have heard it all and see through B.S. in seconds. I see someone I would like to get to know, what should I do. Go up and introduce yourself. There are many single guys at the Rooster so the ones that hide in the corners waiting for ladies and couples to come to them end up still in the corners at the end of the night. Get out and mingle, let yourself be known to others but donít over do it.