Welcome to the Red Rooster!

The Band

Chris and Mike opened the Las Vegas Red Rooster in their 800 sq. foot home in 1982. Their home has been open six nights a week ever since then.
Thirty one years later the Rooster Parties are still held in their home but it has grown to almost Thirteen Thousand sq. feet.
On a normal week Eight Hundred to One Thousand people still come to the Vegas Red Rooster to party!
They have taken pride in the fact that everyone is welcome in their home. Couples, Single men and women alike. They believe that the lifestyle should always be open to everyone.
In April of 2003 they started opening their home on Sundays for even more people to come party.
This is a couple that everyone should be proud of and Thankful for. They have worked six and seven days a week so that others would have a place to party for 31 years! You will still find them working each night that there is a party at the World Famous Las Vegas Red Rooster!

Chris and Mike - Chris Brithday Party 2011
Photo taken March 2011

Ever wonder how the Vegas Red Rooster got it's Name?
This picture was taken of Mike in 1981, the year before the Rooster opened for parties.
Look behind him and you will figure out where the name came from.

Mike and the Roosters - 1981