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The Vegas Red Rooster is open 7 nights a week! See directons page for hours - See Events Page for special Events!
The Vegas Red Rooster is open every night for you to party!
The Red Rooster is Las Vegas's oldest and most well known Swinger's Party for couples and singles.
Established in 1982 by Mike and Chris as a natural extension of their own uninhibited sexuality.

Chris and Mike are the founders and current owners of the Vegas Red Rooster | Vegas Swingers Club | Las Vegas Swingers
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R.I.P Mike Borchers

The Vegas Red Rooster was the first Swingers Club/Party opened in Las Vegas in 1982 by Mike and Chris. They opened the Red Rooster with the belief that Swinging was for everyone.
They do not believe in choosing only those that they think they should party with, they have allowed couples, single men and Single women to Party at the Rooster for over 31 years.
Mike also believes that swinging should be affordable to all. He has not changed the amount of the requested donations since he opened the Rooster in 1982. Everything is included, not charging for
anything once you come in the door like most other places do. You will also not find "off duty strippers and hookers" at the Rooster trying to get in your wallet like some other places.
If you are looking for a real swingers party ran by Swingers that have been Swingers in Las Vegas for over Thirty one years then the Vegas Red Rooster is the place for you.
Always be cautious of any of the places "close to the strip" in commercial buildings that claim to be swingers clubs, they are there for a reason, to prey on the tourists money.

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